Organizational Consulting

The Leadership Doc consults with large and small organizations helping them to achieve success through the application of theory to practice

Human Capital Consulting

The value of the employee to today’s organization is apparent to those organizations which continue to achieve success. Not only does the value need to be recognized, it must be fostered. When focusing on the value of the most important resource to the organization, the human resource, the Leadership Doc will explore your organization’s human resource practices from hire to retire and help you understand the best way to optimize your employees performance and satisfaction.

Mission and Value Alignment

It is imperitive in today’s organization that employees efforts be aligned with the objecties of the organization. To do this, it is important for management to truly ‘know’ their employees and for employees to truly understand the goals and objectives of the organization. The Leadership Doc will work with your staff to focus them on the values and mission of the organization and help them to see the value in serving to those objectives.

Career Development

A specialized subset of Human Capital Consulting. When focusing on career development the Leadership Doc will work with senior managers to understand the typical career path in the organziation. Practices will be examined and analyzed to ascertain the best way to select, prepare, and advance employees (stars and all), to the positions where they are both most valuable and most satisfied. Organizational Change Management
Organizations inevitably go through changes as they continue to evolve. How the change is developed, communicated and implemented is vital to it’s success.
The Leadership Doc can help you through the process.

Team Building and Team Development

As most organizations today operate with some form of team dynamic it is important to establish teams so that they can be most effective. Teams, in order to be successful must be established in a manner so as to best capitalize on individual strengths while at the same time capitalizing on the interactions of the team members. The Leadership Doc will assess your teams overall productivity and performance and offer strategies to bring the team to even higher levels of performance. The Leadership Doc will also work with executives in helping them to understand optimal processes for establishing workplace teams.