Workshops & Training


For organization’s seeking more than a keynote

Full Day, Half Day, and Multi Day Workshops

Dr. Fero conducts highly experiential and interactive workshops which will engage your team and help them develop their leadership, management, goal setting, and teaming strengths.

Workshops are customized based on the organization’s individual needs and can be designed for small and large groups.

Some of the workshops we conduct include:

Major League Leadership • Cultivating Exemplary Leadership •
Vision and Mission Alignment • Rewards, Recognition, and Motivation • Moral and Ethical Reasoning • Effective Communication and Decision Making • Goal Setting • Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Thinking • Leading and Working on High Performance Teams • Positive Leadership

Comprehensive Training Programs

If your organization is in need of a comprehensive training program The Leadership Doc has you covered with the TLD Leadership Institute.

The TLD Leadership Institute

The TLD Leadership Institute is a twelve month program which includes interactive group workshops, individual coaching, leadership assessment tools, and an applied culminating project which helps develop the most effective leaders, team members, and productive members for your organization.

Training Sessions

In the TLD Leadership Institute workshops are conducted at your site monthly and last for approximately 2.5 hours. Through interactive discussions and group exercises participants will explore the components necessary to becoming a leader in whatever capacity they fill today, and whatever capacity they aim to achieve in the future.

A sample of the workshops can be seen above, and customized ones are also delivered based on the individual needs of your organization and team members.

Prior to each workshop participants are provided with several articles which will give them the background to be actively engaged in the sessions. The TLD Leadership Institute is capped at 15 participants so that optimal interaction can occur between the facilitator and the participants.

Coaching Component

Each month Institute Participants will have one on one time to work with The Leadership Doc on the ways that the material delivered in the monthly training workshop can be applied specifically to their situation. These individual sessions will give participants the opportunity to be open with the specific issues and goals they face in a confidential and safe environment and help them to truly master the skills they are developing. Participants will complete leadership assessments which will aid in their understanding of their leadership strengths and areas for improvement. They will explore their strengths and areas for improvement, and work with their Coach to apply the concepts from the Institute workshops as well as the results of their strengths assessments to their everyday work. For more information about the coaching component please click here.

Culminating Project

Applying theory to practice is a key ingredient in the TLD Leadership Institute.  It is great to learn the material through training sessions, important to work on individual growth through coaching, but let’s be honest, the key to success is how the above can be put to practice.

At the conclusion of the 12 month program participants will be tasked to work with colleagues from the Institute on a program, initiative, or process within their organization that can be aided by the concepts they have learned and the development they have had during the course of their training.  Participants will present their work to their colleagues within our Group, and if so desired, organizational leaders will attend these presentations as well.