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Three Month Strategic Coaching Program

Three Month Initial Strategic Coaching Kickoff


The strategic coaching program helps participants set realistic and achievable goals and work towards achievement of those goals on or before their desired date.  


Through the use of goal setting, strategic planning, time management, and general leadership skills, as well as the cultivation of interpersonal communication, and workplace and conflict management skills, we will work together to put you in the best possible position to achieve success.


The Program

  • This individualized coaching program begins with the completion of leadership assessments and worksheets which will help you to gain an understanding of your predisposed strengths, potential derailers, and short and long term goals.  After completion of the worksheets and assessments an action plan will be prepared between us to move forward in the most effective way.
  • Sessions will be held virtually twice monthly at times which are mutually convenient. During each session progress which has been made towards client goals, as well as issues which may have arisen, will be explored.  Just as a sports coach holds his/her players accountable for their success, participants will be held accountable towards their goals.  Participants will focus on taking ownership of their actions and working towards overcoming obstacles using the techniques we explore.  During the course of the Program participants will receive unlimited email support between sessions to keep them on track for success.
  • Throughout the Program you will utilize a journal (written or electronic) to document take-a-ways from coaching sessions as well as the action steps they will take prior to the next session.  
  • During the first month of the relationship you will be asked to provide a list of three stakeholders in your organization with whom you work most closely.  Brief interviews will be conducted with each of these stakeholders (approximately 15 minutes) and during this time a bit about your strengths, areas for development, and the manners in which the relationship works best will be explored.  All information is confidential and will be used solely to help you to best achieve your goals.

Three Month Strategic Coaching Program

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