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An engaging and thought provoking speaker, Dr. Fero is an accomplished presenter who offers Keynote Addresses based on his many years of research and experience in the areas of leadership, motivation and team dynamics.

Dr. Fero's keynotes will leave your audience inspired, ready to move forward with a new perspective and inspired attitude, and equipped with actionable strategies for success.

The sample keynotes below, as well as the many others Dr. Fero presents, can be delivered in 'keynote' fashion with limited participation, or in an interactive format with the time length that your organization prefers.  Dr. Fero's preference is always to interact with his audience, and he looks forward to the opportunity to do so with your team!

Audience at a corporate event

Sample Keynotes Include:

Major League Leadership

In this high energy, practical, and interactive keynote, Dr. Fero presents the Ten Bases of Leadership based on over 100 interviews conducted with current and former Major League baseball players, managers, and executives.  Learn to lead like some of the most iconic and successful Major League managers and lead your team to success!

Goal Setting & Motivating Ourselves to Success

We all have goals we're trying to achieve, and we all have obstacles we need to overcome to accomplish them!  In this action focused keynote, Dr. Fero will present best practices to lead yourself and your team to accomplishing your individual, team, and organizational goals.

Leadership, Communication, and Decision Making

In this hands on and high energy session participants will explore the strengths and value of their natural leadership dispositions and also explore some potential pitfalls that can occur when their tendencies are used in inappropriate situations.  Participants will explore their strength, work with their weaknesses, and understand how to best work with those similar and diffferent from themselves.

Leading with Purpose

The elements of Purpose Driven Leadership should be found in all our leadership toolkits, as when we lead with purpose, vision, and mission, we lead with passion!  Join Dr. Howard Fero on the journey to understand your purpose, create a personal vision statement, and explore how your purpose, combined with your organization's mission, can lead to greater satisfaction and success in all you do.

Leading & Working on High Performance Teams

Teams are a central part of today's organization.  Whether we are working in a co-located environment or meeting over Zoom, to be successful we need to establish, cultivate, and develop our teams in a way that will lead to performance, efficiency, and goal focused success.  In this interactive keynote we will explore the ways to lead and work on a high performance team!

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