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In thought provoking, and practical  presentations, Dr. Howard Fero, co-author of "Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership," presents the

Ten Bases of Leadership based on

over 100 interviews conducted with

current and former Major League baseball players, managers, and executives.

"Howard Fero delivers a very impressive message to help any organization

get to the next level quicker!

– Kevin Seitzer, Hitting Coach

Atlanta Braves


Stories and Strategies to Develop

Major League Leadership"

The culmination of two years of research and over 100 interviews with Major League Baseball managers, players, and executives, Lead Me Out to the Ballgame, shares the stories told directly

by some of MLB’s greats and offers specific and   actionable strategies as to how we, outside of baseball, can develop

Major League Leadership and lead our teams to success.

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You don’t need to be a baseball fan to become a Major League Leader!  No matter what your industry or what your position, the lessons shared by players and managers will help you become a better performer as an individual and a better leader in all that you do.  If you want to cultivate your leadership skills
or lead your team to success, reach out and develop Major League leadership!
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Find out how Joe Maddon (Los Angeles Angels) shows his passion, and how you can do the same; how Davey

Johnson (former manager, Washington Nationals) earned the respect of his players; how John Farrell (Former manager, Boston Red Sox) managed a diverse clubhouse, how Terry Francona helped David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox) break out of a slump, and more.

Most importantly, learn how you can use these strategies to develop yourself and become a Major League leader!

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