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“Strike 3 – you’re out” “Ball 4 – take your base” “Out of the park…homerun!”

It’s all pretty cut and dry in baseball.  With leadership however, not quite as clear cut  Leadership is a process which requires an understanding of some basic tenets...we call them Bases of Leadership.

  • How do Major League Baseball managers gain the trust and respect of their players?
  • How do Major League Baseball managers motivate a diverse team?
  • How do Major League Baseball managers successfully communicate their vision?
  • How do Major League Baseball managers create a winning culture?


Take a tour through the baseball clubhouses and read stories from managers like Joe Maddon, John Farrell, Davey Johnson, Don Mattingly, and more, about how they lead their teams. Learn the strategies used by these managers to create a winning team, a winning culture, and a team full of players who want to play for them. Lead Me Out to the Ballgame includes the perspectives of over 100 MLB players, managers, executives, and members of the media, and uses their stories to illustrate what makes their leadership effective.   Develop Major League Leadership and lead your team like some of MLB's greats!


  • How did Terry Francona, David Ortiz’s manager on the Boston Red Sox in 2009, help him break out of a slump?
  • What does All Star Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays think are the most important qualities of a Major League manager?
  • How do players like Carl Pavano (Minnesota Twins), Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco Giants), Adam LaRoche (Washington Nationals,) and others feel that lightheartedness and fun factor into a successful clubhouse? 


Lead Me Out to the Ballgame is filled with the answers to these questions, and many more. This leadership book shows people at all levels, and in all industries, how to lead like a Major League manager and develop Major League Leadership.


*Portion of proceeds from the sale of this book goes to the Strike 3 Foundation and the fight against childhood cancer**


  • Joe Maddon, Manager, Los Angeles Angels: "If you want to learn how to lead your team and inspire your employees to give that extra effort each day, I would recommend reading Lead Me Out to the Ballgame. Howard and Rebecca have done a great job illustrating the leadership roles within Major League Baseball teams and how their strategies can be used to lead organizations outside of the game. This is an interesting book filled with stories and strategies that can be applied from the clubhouse to the boardroom."


    Don Graham, Chairman, Graham Holdings Company: "Within this carefully written treatise on leadership is a joy for baseball fans–quotes from almost every major league manager (and quite a few players) on how managers work within the dugout and clubhouse. When your team picks a new leader, you’ll understand the difference it makes."


    John Baldoni, Chair, Leadership Development Practice, N2growth; best-selling author of Lead with Purpose and Lead Your Boss: What a concept! "Authors Howard Fero and Rebecca Herman take a hard look at lessons learned by the men who play and manage baseball at the highest level. Their stories illuminate leadership lessons that those of us who don’t play the game can understand and employ in our own lives. The list of interviewees is a veritable who’s who of Major League Baseball and their insights will brighten your approach to leadership. Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership is a book that you will want to read cover to cover, and then put on your shelf for future reference."


    Jim Duquette, Baseball Analyst, Sirius/XM Radio, Former VP, Baltimore Orioles; Former GM, New York Mets: "Leadership in any walk of life is a delicate and often times difficult slope to navigate. The best leaders in professional baseball possess most or all of the 10 important characteristics that Dr. Fero and Dr. Herman outline after their extensive research and interviews. This book should be read by anyone currently leading individuals in their given profession or have the motivation and ability to lead in the future!!


    Bob Melvin, Manager, Oakland A’s: "Leadership makes a difference whether you are a little league coach, entrepreneur, corporate executive, or Major League Baseball manager. In Lead Me Out to the Ballgame, Professors Fero and Herman have developed a practical approach to leadership – the ten bases of leadership. Using interviews with over 100 MLB managers, coaches, and players, they use storytelling from our clubhouses to our dugouts to illustrate how these strategies are applied so that you can develop Major League Leadership. This is a must read because you will discover insights about yourself through the ways my colleagues and I lead our teams. It’s a home run!"

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