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Martin Luther King - A Lesson in Leadership

As we remember the great leader Dr. Martin Luther King today, let’s not simply remember that he had a dream, let's remember that not only did he have it, but he shared it, promoted it, and drew so many into living it. Had Dr. King simply had a dream we wouldn't be commemorating his legacy today as this would simply not have been enough. What made Dr. King a leader was not that he had a dream, many of us have those, it's what he did with his dream that mattered, and what he did with his dream that showed us all how to lead and engage others into our cause.

What made Dr. King a leader was that he was passionate about his dream and had the conviction, persistence, and stamina to communicate his dream to all who would listen. Dr. King lived his dream each day, he showed the world that his dream was legitimate by bringing forth facts, champions, and support from all walks of life, and he empowered so many people around him to join his cause and believe in his dream not because it was his dream but because it was their dream as well. 

Being a leader is not just about having a dream. It's about living your dream in a way that others want to live it as well. It's about working towards your dream, showing others how your dream will help them and help those they love, and engaging those around us to do the same so that the dream becomes a movement.  Being a leader is believing so strongly in your cause that others want to become a part of it and they make it their own. Being a leader is showing others your passion to such an extent that if and when you are no longer around, your dream lives on, just as it has with Dr. King.

I ask you today, don't just think about the great work that Dr. King accomplished and continues to accomplish, but also think about the great dreams that you have and how you will engage others in your cause to help your society. What is your dream, what do you want to achieve, and what are you going to do to engage those around you into achieving it?

Remember, Dr. King didn’t just have a dream, he did something about it…and that is the sign of a true leader.

Be a leader, live your dream, and Keep Leading!


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